Wednesday, March 07, 2007

3 Layer Orton

I've just recorded a video that shows how I am now doing most of my post processing.

-It was captured in one take, a little less than 10 minutes long.

-I installed Adobe Premiere Elements, 15 minutes.

-I learned how to zoom in on the video using camera controls, 30 minutes.

-I edited the titles and the zooms, 60 minutes.

-Rendering the video? Priceless, or about 23 hours and still going.

That will teach me to do this on my main PC (1.7G Pentium-M). Unfortunately, Premiere isn't compiled for the native Itanium instruction set, so I can't run it on my 64 Socket Itanium system. That's 128 cores. I figure it would render in a few minutes on that box.

Oh well.

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