Thursday, April 05, 2007

Color Enhancement and Sharpening

3 in a Row

I've done a 3 part video tutorial on how to get brighter colors and sharper details in a photo. These methods are variations of what is outlined in the Flickr group Photoshop Support Group. This is the place to go for helpful advice without the flaming of newbies that goes on in other places. A very friendly place.

Part 1:
Enhance the colors by adding a curves adjustment layer and use the layer mask and opacity to control the effect.

Part 2:
Duplicate the background and sharpen the photo. Use a mask to keep parts from getting over sharpened. It is rare that one level of sharpness works across the entire photo.

Part 3:
An alternate approach to the curves shown in part 1.


  1. Very meticulous, clear and helpful. IMHO you don't need to zoom camera so often on menus on left side, it takes time to get picture in focus. It's enough if you just explain.
    Thanks for sharing, learned a lot. Useful techniques, great tutorial!

    With best wishes,

  2. I didn't like the blotchy results either. That's a concequence of using the Camtasia editor. It does not produce as good a results. Compare Part 1 to the Orton and Part 2 viedos which were done with Adobe Premiere.

    The only reason I did not return Camtasia is because the recording side works flawlessly.

  3. this is so helpful to me, thank you so much! I'm new to flickr and one of my groups told me to check out your tutorials. Also new to photoshop, so being able to view what you were clicking/adjusting was VERY helpful!